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Change of Address/Name

Licensees of the North Carolina Medical Board are required to keep a current address and/or name on file with the Board (private information such as home address will not be released to the public).

Change of address for ACTIVE physicians and physician assistants
If you are a physician or physician assistant with an active license, you may change your address online. Click on the Address Change form at right to log in to your Licensee Information Page. Select “Address” to update your home or practice address.

Change of address for other license types
Anesthesiologist assistants, clinical pharmacist practitioners and licensed perfusionists must submit paper address change forms at this time. Download the form here and mail or fax it to the Board’s office. It is not necessary to do both. Licensees will receive an updated copy of their certificate via email, if a valid email dress is provided to the Board.

Changing your name
Licensees who experience a name change are asked to advise the Board of the change within 30 days. At this time, the Board accepts paper name change forms. Click “Name Change Form” at right to download the form. You may mail or fax the completed form to the Board. 

Professional Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
Active professional corporations and professional limited liability companies may change their addresses online via the Professional Corp/PLLC Information Update portal. Access the portal by clicking the PC/PLLC Update button at right.

Professional Corporation/PLLC Name Change
Instructions for requesting a professional corporation or PLLC name change are available in the Handbook for Managing Professional Corporations, Professional Associations and Professional Limited Liability Companies.