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May 9 2019

Security protocols during meetings and hearings

Starting with the Board Meeting scheduled for May 15-17, visitors who enter NCMB’s building at 1203 Front Street through the front doors will be screened with metal detectors and hand wands. These measures will be in use during Board Meetings and Hearings, when there is a higher than normal volume of visitors. Signage will be posted at the front entrance to inform the public of screening and inspection procedures.

Security protocols during meetings and hearings are as follows:

• Visitors must use the front entrance. Persons who cannot enter a metal detector (due to health reasons) should notify the security officer.

• Entering NCMB’s facility constitutes valid consent to screening or inspection of your person and belongings.

• Failure to submit to screening or inspection will result in denial or revocation of the authorization to enter.

• No weapons including firearms, knives, sharp objects, explosives, flammables, pepper spray or mace are permitted.

• Visitors must wear a sticker provided upon entry to the building.

• Visitors and/or NCMB staff should report any suspicious activity to security immediately.

These requirements are pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 150B-2(8a)(f).